Alena Razbirina

Worked for MTV at a time when it used to be Russia’s number one entertainment channel. Was part of MTS marketing team during the time of rapid business growth, extreme competition, Jeans brand launch and MTS rebranding.

Was responsible for Brand Communication at Nike Russia in 2007-2012, when the number one brand in the world only started gaining its position in Russia. During that time, I got to learn all about the nature of “just do it”, motivation, deep insights, as well as psychology of achievements. Took part in strategy development, launch and making running popular in Russia.

All my conscious life I have been fascinated by psychology, what moves us, gives us strength and makes us change (or maintain the status quo). To a certain extent, this interest was caused by an inner need for movement, while another reason was a desire to get rid of everything limiting inner freedom.

Probes and work on the matter helped me transform aerophobia into aerophilia, water phobia into surfing and free diving, self-doubt and complexes from teenage years into enjoying public speaking and being in the centre of attention.

This metamorphosis of absolutely negative into extremely positive enabled me not only to realize, but literally feel what a strong driving force and resource for transformation our fears can be, when taken not as limitations, but as catalysts of growth.

It was during this work that yoga, meditation, esotericism, astrology, psychology and much more appeared in my life.

Later, the struggle against fears was joined by the search for an internal source of happiness, harmony, inspiration, and further on the list (as all guides to the psychology of relationships insisted that it was necessary to find a source of happiness within, before sharing it with anyone else). 

As a result of a series of weird events, my participation in the long-planned Yoga Teaching Course at The Practice Bali had to be postponed for several months. Owing to this synchronicity I met Kat and we discovered our common love for Bali and desire to change something in our lives.

During the training, plunging deeper into this amazing system of knowledge and even deeper into ourselves, during the long hours of discussion we came up with the idea of creating a Program for others.

“Immersion” program empowers its participants with a better understanding of your abilities, helps activate inner resources, find the right direction for your efforts, as well as shape a correct life, professional and business strategy.

Studies in modern psychology, neuropsychology, neurophysiology and sociology in combination with Eastern philosophy, yoga and meditation practices have been tested and proven in our own experience.

Self-observation in the context of transformations and search for harmony helped me discover a “magical formula of happiness,” however what was more important, it also resulted in finding inner freedom. This inner freedom is what we would like to offer to #slowtheworld movement participants.

The trip to the island not only revealed new dimensions of yoga and ayurveda, but also gifted me with an amazing man who like no one embodies the very nature of freedom. As a result, I live between Moscow and Bali, every time returning to the island with a feeling of home and happiness, enjoying simple things, and finding new meaning and inspiration in each day.

This is where we are launching the #slowtheworld movement from for all those who would like to slow this world down a little, while staying relevant in it.


Marketing at SibUCC ● Yoga, Philosophy and Ayurveda at The Practice Bali ●Lateral thinking ● Reiki Esolang center ● Neurocoaching and neuropsychology at Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis (student) ● Foundations of Exponential Thinking at Syngularity University (Ca, US)


“Immersion” program co-founder and #slowtheworld movement mastermind  ● Senior Communication Manager at MTS ● Brand communication manager at Nike Russia ● Associate Marketing Manager at Nike Russia ● Chief of strategy and communication at BBDO Group ● Public Speaker & trendwatcher ● Author of trainings and publications

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