The concept of #slowtheworld

We live way too fast.

We have learned to enjoy this pace. Fast fashion, fast food, quick snaps, quick acquaintances, quick sex. We generate new life content at an incredible pace, devaluing what was important a minute ago. We manage to capture our experiences and share them to the global information flow, but fail to make time to immerse ourselves in them. Lost is the fragility of life moments, captured in the lens.

We live fast instead of living well. We fail to make time to think about it and appreciate the whole picture. Until at some point we do realize that we’ve been rushing through our lives. In order to come to this realisation, it’s necessary to free up space, slow down, find time to think and feel. You’ve got to be getting goosebumps, butterflies in the stomach, a stupid smile on the face, and be eager to prolong this feeling of happiness into infinity.


Slow this world down in order to gain space, understand your potential, adjust your values and direction. Learn to live here and now. See the beauty of change. That’s when Multitasking will be replaced with Mindfulness that will empower you to keep relevance in the world of incessant transformations.  

We do not suggest that you should leave everything behind, pack and move to an island in the hope of finding Zen and higher purpose and meaning. Our community is for those, who despite the hassles of city life has managed to find or is looking for a balance between what is important and what is necessary.

Which values are really important to you? What would you like your life to be in 5, 10 or 15 years? What would you like to be doing if you did not have to think about making money but had more time? What inspires you? How would you define your vocation? And what should your morning look like so that you could wake up every day with a smile?

Slow down the speed of this world, immerse yourself within Your Self and your potential and start shaping a new future with us.

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